Who’s YASMA?

Yasma is a baby girl whose parents decided to make her famous even before coming to the world !

Her parents thought a lot and found out that people around them should feel happy not only by meeting Yasma, but also by feeling her and smelling her.

They got it !

A Lebanese fragrance brand was lunched under the name of their new born baby girl "Yasma", an Arabic name coming Jasmine.

"Let Yasma be the brand of love and feelings"

Our Production:

Yasma is a Lebanese girl, and it all begins from here!
We are proudly made in Lebanon.
Our raw materials, the essence, the alcohol and all others are outsourced from Europe (France, Switzerland and Germany).
Assembled, tested and produced in Lebanon.
We test our products very carefully, in all conditions and times.
We’re very precise in our tests and choices to get your satisfaction and Yasma's love.